Friday, 6 March 2009

Applying hack directly to

When I wrote my original hack for navigating google maps on a Mac Book Pro by tilting the computer it was only working in my own page. Someone asked if it could be possible to use the hack for google maps directly on

For this I wrote a Greasemonkey script.

Steps to make this work:

  1. First step is the same than for the original hack.So if you did this already you dont need to do it again.

    Install the native libraries, I used Daniel Shiffman's Java Native libraries. From his website download Extract:

    • sms.jar — contains the Unimotion class
    • libUnimotionLib.jnilib — The java native interface to Unimotion

    Copy those two files into ~/Library/Java/Extensions/

  2. Install Greasemonkey addon for firefox(I think it may work for Opera too but I have not tried).

  3. Now install the Greasemonkey script, I posted it in userscripts.

Enjoy, and post here if you have any problems